Body Color
Engine Size
177 ci L4
Transmission Type
2-speed planetary gear

1927 Ford Model T Touring

Motorcar Studio is pleased to offer this 1927 Ford Model T Touring. Set up for safety, dependability and touring, this T has seen several upgrades that greatly enhance driveability without sacrificing its vintage character -- namely a 12-volt electrical system for easier starting and better lights, a distributor ignition for reliable running, and Rocky Mountain brakes for improved stopping ability. Endlessly adaptable and available in a variety of car and truck formats, the open four-seater "touring" version offered here is among the most collectible.

Finished in green with black fenders and running boards, the body is straight and all wood and steel structural components are solid. Convertible top and frame are in good condition; for ease of access, battery has been relocated to the trunk (which also offers ample storage). There's not much to a Model T interior, but seats, steering wheel, doors and floors (with mats) are in good condition. Seat belts have been added as an extra safety measure. Driver controls (spark advance, hand throttle, choke, three-pedal gearbox, and brake/high-range lever) are stock, although the electric starter is now engaged with the key.

Under the hood is Ford's tried-and-true Model T engine, rated at 20 horsepower (and it will run on gasoline, kerosene or ethanol). It has been upgraded to a 12-volt electrical system with an alternator and also a distributor to replace the temperamental original-style trembler coil ignition. Starting is quick and easy (although the original hand crank and front-facing choke control have been retained).

As a late-production T, the fuel tank is located in the cowl (1927 was the final year of the Model T before Ford stopped production and introduced the Model A in 1928). A stock Model T only has a transmission brake (that's right -- no brakes at all on the wheels) -- but a common upgrade are "Rocky Mountain" brakes that act on the rear wheels to improve stopping power. This Model T starts, runs, drives and most importantly stops just fine.

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Engine Size
177 ci L4


Body Color


Model T


Interior Color
Center Console

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